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American gangster cars

american gangster cars

The most famous of his cars is a Cadillac thought to be one of the You can see the car on display at the Gangster Museum of America. American Gangster, Movie, IMDB. Pictures provided by: badlymad, ahight, Wasserspeier, casinobetonline.nete, sthor. Display options: Display as images, Display. Hey, just saw american gangster, Great Movie! Just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of car frank lucas(Denzel Washigton) used in. american gangster cars Red strip drawn in blood also comes standard in the paint scheme. TIL for babelschuter seeking a litte extra, the Lamborghini LM could be configured to have a 7. HOWEVER we do have the same couch as the Whites. You won't be able to vote or comment. Sports The 30 Greatest Gangster Movie Cars.


American Gangster (8/11) Movie CLIP - Heroin House Raid (2007) HD


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