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Casual puzzle games

casual puzzle games

Long before the Wii brought casual games to consoles and mobile devices kick started a new era of pick-up-and-play and socially driven titles. Best Casual Puzzle Game. This topic is locked from further discussion. Avatar image for Period is a terrible game. (Ballance is great, though!) Avatar image for. --This is a casual puzzle game for people of all ages!-- --Story-- The eagle is very ferocious and evil, who wants to eat the tortoise's eggs to make himself more. Ohhh, I loved that game. Vessel and Portal, Braid, World of Goo did this really. Nevertheless, the cake is still a lie. Browser-based games are perfect for a quick casual game. IndieCasual2DPuzzle. And what about things like Chips Challenge … or the super obscure Wumby II which riffed off Chips Challenge with a german duck … or Berusky … a czechoslavakian puzzler about a little ladybird. Then go back and solve a separate black section. casual puzzle games


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